Delay Spray

Delay Spray In Pakistan

Sometimes you might plan for a marathon sex session, but you end up with a short sprint or running. The problem occurs when your Partner is a very long way from the finish line. The reason behind such a situation is premature ejaculation. It is one of the common functions that affect men’s performance in the bed. You can take the help of which would help you have long-lasting sexual pleasure. It is an amazing product that helps you last for 4 to 5 minutes longer in bed than your usual time. There are various kinds of delay sprays in Pakistan that you would get in the market. These are effective and super safe to be used by many men. one spray can make you last in bed for longer. And men can hold their grit as long as they wish.

If you want to understand why this delay spray is effective, you must understand that men finish early. The problem is known as premature ejaculation. It is a situation where the man ejaculates faster than usual. But with the help of delay spray, which is also known as sex spray or climax spray, it helps reduce the sensitivity of men. In the penile region, if the sensitivity decreases, it helps the man extend his sexual activities and satisfy his Partner. For a long-lasting stay in bed, the delay spray has various desensitizing components, including lidocaine. It helps to reduce the sensitivity from the hypersensitive area of your penis and avoids premature ejaculation.

Usage of Delay Spray in Pakistan

Most of the men having the problem of premature ejaculation take the help of Timing delay spray in Pakistan. It increases the stamina in men. a person who is in bed can last longer and get all the desirable pleasures. When you use the timing spray in Pakistan, you will understand that it will delay your ejaculation by a few minutes. Due to this reason, your Partner would also be happy with the timing. Women would love to have sex with men who can last longer. And hence you can enjoy the best sex with your personal the whole life.

Purpose of timing spray in Pakistan

Using a timing spray in Pakistan has various purposes. Some of it includes:

  • It would help you to play the long last
  • It would keep your ejaculation in control
  • One can stay away from depression due to sexual satisfaction
  • Your confidence level would increase as you would be a better player in bed.

How to use delay spray in Pakistan

With the help of a delay spray, you can help long-lasting sexual intercourse. It reduces the hypersensitivity of the penis region. The presence of lidocaine helps to numb the sensitive area of your penis and helps you to delay your climax. When using the best delay spray in Pakistan, you need to hold it 30 cm away from your penis. Make sure after you spray it on your penis, you need to rub the area in a circular motion. It is one of the hassle-free sprays and does not get messy.

You can even get delay cream that helps delay your ejaculation during intercourse. But the cream would take 30 minutes to show its action. On the other hand, the delay spray requires only 15 minutes and works faster than any other product. The best part is that if you use it, it will not affect your Partner unless your Partner takes your penis in their mouth. Whereas in the case of the cream, one should be very careful as it might affect the Partner if it transfers to them.

How can you use delay spray in Pakistan?

Using delay spray in Pakistan is not rocket science. It comes with the technical process.

  • Apply the spray

If you are looking forward to the benefits of the spray, you need to understand first how it is applied. You can read the instruction manual before applying the spray. But otherwise

  • You need to shake the bottle gently
  • Try to hold the application nozzle close to the region where you want to spray it
  • Push the spray button to release the spray

Ensure that you apply this spray in the frenulum part of your penis, underside of the shaft, or below the head. It is recommended to start with two to three sprays and adjust them according to your preference. Once you start to use the spray, you need to take your fingertip and rub the spray onto the region with a circular motion. Until all the spray gets absorbed, you are ready to go. But before you proceed, you must wash your hands properly.

  • Wait for the effect.

It is the magical part. Once you have applied the spray, you need to wait for at least 10 minutes. Within these 10 minutes, the spraying world gets absorbed into the skin. If you do not use the delay spray, you will have fast ejaculation. But while the effect starts, you can go for a round of foreplay.

  • Ready for the action

Once you have applied this spray, it will completely get absorbed, and you need to wait. After a few moments, you will start feeling numb. While you have intercourse, you would start feeling quite better. Your suggestions would be muted wherever you would apply the spray. At the same time, the other region would have normal sensitivity.

Mistakes to avoid while using delay spray

Once you start using the delay spray in Pakistan, make sure to avoid these mistakes. If you can use it properly, you can avoid the problem of premature ejaculation. But human skin reacts to the spray differently. Hence, if you do not feel any effect, you must keep trying rather than give up. Avoid these mistakes to have safe usage.

  • Using too much

Using too much of the spray at one go can make you panic. It can cause you numbness. You can regain your sensation within 30 minutes.

  • Using too little

On the contrary, if you use too little delay spray, it will not give you the result properly. Make sure that you use it with a minimum amount, but you need to increase the amount to number your sensitivity little by little.

  • Applying this tree in the wrong part

Once you read the instructions and know-how to use the spray, you need to be very cautious. Make sure that you use the spray in the frenulum or glans region of your penis. The frenulum connects the penis with the shaft. It is like a small ridge of tissue between the shaft and the glans. At the same time, the glans refer to the head of the penis. The underside of the glans is very sensitive.

  • Not waiting for the required period after applying the spray.

Whatever spray you use, you need to have patience after using the spray. Every spray has a different kind of timing. Some will take 10 minutes to show their action, while others take 15 minutes. But you can wait for these few minutes to get the long-lasting pleasure. But if you cannot wait after using the spray, it will not work well. Hence you need to apply and wait until you test your sensitivity and then go for the action.

Benefits of using Delay spray

Once you start using the delay spray in Pakistan, you will have various benefits. Despite providing extra time to your overall act of intercourse, the delay spray also helps to enhance the penis. The flavored delay sprays are futile as you need to wash the spray before you go for the oral pleasures. It might harm you due to the presence of lidocaine. Besides that, delay spray can help you get all pleasures by providing extra time for your overall sexual act.

Side effects of using the spray

Before you use the spray, you need to go for a test. For instance, you should keep in mind that the drugs present in the product would react differently for different people. Also, the way you use the spray can affect the result. If you tend to use too much delay spray, it can cause you a temporary sensitivity loss. Also, the erection would be there for a short period. But if you experience any issues like burning, skin irritation, or tingling, you need to wash the penis with water and soap immediately.


Delay spray in Pakistan is a simple medication that helps you to extend the timing of your ejaculation. You might get a lot of delay spray in the market but make sure that you use the one that provides you with the best performance. It means that you will have a lot of time for foreplay before you start the main intercourse. Also, during the peak of your climax, you will have greater pleasure in the delayed ejaculation.

It is not known that premature ejaculation is one of the huge hindrances to your sexual life. It can make a man underconfident because he loses the ability to perform. With the help of the best sex spray or delay spray, you can get rid of all your ejaculation problems.